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Solar services in Miami, FL


The team at WireMasters can design and install both off-grid and grid-tied solar systems for homes, businesses, industrial properties, boats, RVs and more. Do-it-yourself (DIY) solar enthusiasts will also appreciate our wide selection of solar power kits.

Contact the experienced solar design techs at WireMasters by calling 305-378-4011 or emailing Get answers to all of your solar power questions!

Types of Solar Power

Grid-Tied Solar

We have a wide selection of solar power kits that reduce or eliminate your energy bills and even make money by feeding power back to the grid.

Off-Grid Solar

From industrial solar kits to off-grid power systems, we have solar kits of all shapes and sizes to help with your off-grid power generation needs.

System Components

From panels to enclosures, we offer everything you need to build your own solar system, or find replacement parts for your existing system.

Why Choose Solar Panels?

More and more people are discovering the environmental and financial benefits of “going solar.” Solar power has grown very popular in the last few years, especially as the technology gets more affordable and reliable.

Some Facts About Solar Panels

  • They can be installed on many types of roofs, including flat roofs or those made of shake or concrete tiles
  • Some units can be pole-mounted or ground-mounted as long as you have the required space
  • Solar panels require little to no cleaning maintenance; normal rain and wind keeps most panels producing to nearly optimal capacity
  • Panels generate energy even during bad weather, just at a slightly lower rate
  • Solar panels are even manufactured to withstand lightning strikes, high winds and hail up to approximately three-quarters of an inch

The Advantages of Solar Power

  • Eco-Friendly: Solar panels are considered a “green” source of electricity because they draw from a renewable, sustainable resource – the sun.
  • Economical: Switching to solar will lower your monthly electric bill, and grid-tied systems can even earn you money by feeding power back to the grid. There are also rebates that can help offset 40-60% of your startup costs, as well as tax incentives from the IRS.
  • Low-Maintenance: Solar panels have no moveable parts, so there’s nothing to maintain. In fact, many manufacturers offer a 25-year warranty!
  • Efficient: Modern solar panels are rugged and adaptable, and many will produce power when facing various directions. Some even work under cloud cover.

What Does a Solar Power System Cost?

Many people mistakenly write off solar power because they perceive the costs to be high. The sticker price of a solar power system can appear expensive, but tax rebates and other state, local and utility company incentives exist to significantly reduce your overall costs.

WireMasters can help you calculate your initial investment, incentive opportunities and savings over time, so you see how solar really compares financially to traditional electricity


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Our booties aren’t something you’ll see us wearing on Saturday night. But in your home, they’re our best way to make sure your carpet stays clean. Our trucks carry vacuums to ensure that we leave your home or business as clean (or cleaner) than we found it.

Our trucks are full-size vans. That’s because we stock them with thousands of parts. It’s almost like having an electric supply store in your driveway. For you, that means we have the best chance to do the work fast and right with only one visit.

Customers call electricians because safety, efficiency, and quality are essential. Ongoing training ensures that we do the work right, so you can rest assured that you made the right call when you chose Wiremasters Electric.



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