As summer approaches, you begin to spend more time outdoors enjoying the warm weather that the sunshine state has to offer. However, one aspect that proves to be not so enjoyable during this time is spike in energy bills. There are several ways for you to save energy during the hot summer months that can benefit your pocket as well as the environment.

Wiremasters electric miami electricians have provided a list of 10 energy saving tips that you will thank us for.

1. Replace your outdated air conditioning unit

If you reside in a home that is over 20-years-old, it may be time to consider replacing your old air conditioning unit with one that is more energy efficient. When in the market for a new unit, consider one that costs less to run and has energy-approved program standards.

2. Try alternative methods of cooking

If you’re used to cooking meals in your oven, try switching it up by heating meals in the microwave or grilling them outdoors. Using your oven daily will produce more heat inside your home, which will ultimately impact your air conditioning unit. Your system will be forced to counteract the heat produced by working harder and longer.

3. Automate your thermostat

An automated thermostat gives you the opportunity to set the temperature and the time at which you would like your unit to run at. We recommend that you keep your house warm during the day when no one is there and cool in the evening when everyone is at home.

4. Shield your home from the hot sun

Before leaving for work, make sure that you close all window treatments, such as drapes and blinds, to block out the sun’s rays. This will keep your house cool and prevent your air conditioning from working too hard.

5. Give your air conditioning a break

By turning the air conditioning unit off and using a ceiling fan to move air around, you’ll be able to save energy and cool down your space for a lot less money than you would by solely running the unit.

6. Take cooler and shorter showers

Cooler and shorter showers can help you save energy. We recommend that you install a tankless water heater and to only heat water when needed. A tankless water heater will also give you more space to use for other items in your garage or utility closet.

7. Install energy efficient light bulbs

If you have any incandescent light bulbs in your home, consider replacing them with moreenergy efficient lights. These types of light bulbs tend to last longer, which means that you won’t have to replace them that often.

8. Make sure your air conditioning unit is serviced regularly

By changing your air filters regularly per the instruction of the manufacturer and having a professional hvac maintenance person service your unit every year, it will keep your unit working properly for the years to come and save you money now.

9. Check that your air conditioning pipes are sealed

Proper sealing and caulking of the pipes and connections of your air conditioning unit are key to making sure your home stays cool. Without this, the cool air produced to flow through out your home will only stay in one part of it.

10. Spend more time outdoors

Summer time is the perfect time for floridians to get out of the house and enjoy the sun. Spending more time outside may also help reduce your energy bill!

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