Are you making a list and checking it twice? The holidays can be a wonderful time of year to add some spirit to your festivities with seasonal décor and tree trimming. However, all these decorations can add to your electrical bill and cause a safety hazard if not monitored properly. Follow these six electrical safety tips for the holidays to ensure a warm and memorable experience!

1. Check your lights

Lights that aren’t in good shape are considered to be a hazard that can cause an electrical shock or even a fire. Before you hang up your lights, check for loose connections, cracked cords, bare wires or damaged sockets. If the strand is damaged in any way, do not use it.

2. Count your strands

If you put up lights around your house, the lights should be connected properly to avoid a power outage or overloading your electrical grid. No more than three incandescent lights should be strung together at one time with a maximum of 25 strands of led lights.

3. Don’t overload the sockets

Electrical sockets are meant to handle a certain amount of wattage, any more and it can cause sparking or a fire. Use the proper amount of lights per socket, or per extension cord, and spread your lights across multiple outlets to keep the load dispersed across your electrical grid.

4. Buy safe decorations

Double check that any lit decoration has been checked for safety and includes a label from a federally recognized testing company. Do not use decorations that have not been checked for safety.

5. Trim the tree

If you are going to buy a live christmas tree, make sure to buy one that is fresh. Dry trees tend to be a fire hazard. If you’re using an artificial tree, make sure it’s labeled “fire resistant.” keep in mind that all trees, real or fake, should be kept away from electrical outlets, fireplaces and space heaters.

6. Turn it off

If you are sleeping or out of the house, turn off all your lit decorations. You’ll feel more at ease knowing that you’ve eliminated a safety hazard, as well as save money on your electrical bill.

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