Yay! We are so excited to offer our customers boom truck services! This opens a whole new chapter for us, we are now able to extend our services.

What is a boom truck you might ask? It is a type of aerial work platform that consists of a platform or bucket at the end of a hydraulic lifting system. There are many benefits of having this available to your service.

Why boom trucks rock!

  • Our boom truck can go up to 40ft!
  • Safety for our employees
  • Jobs for buildings and signs

1. Our boom truck can go up to 40ft!

The boom truck we have is amazing cause it can reach 40ft! This allows us to do more projects. Not a lot of companies offer boom trucks, especially not an electrical one. However, at wiremasters we like to be able to attend to any of our customers needs or requests. So we like to definitely think outside the box and think of new ways to improve our company. We are excited and hope this boom lift excites our customers!

2. Safety for our employees

At wiremasters we take the safety of our employees serious! They too are excited for this new feature. You see, before when we did not have the boom truck they would have to use a ladder. This meant that they had to carry products up and down, and not to mention that a ladder can tip over and is not stable at all. This is a huge relief for us and makes us feel proud that our employees feel safe. This also gives our customers confidence that they are hiring professionals to do things right the first time!

3. Jobs for buildings and signs

Boom trucks are great for tall buildings and signs! Here are some examples of the work we can do, parking lot light poles, warehouse lighting and even billboard signs up to 40ft! Think about it, there are a lot of people that have these needs and they have to go out and rent the boom truck. With wiremasters all you have to do is call us and we’ll take care of the rest for you!! The best part is you will have the peace of mind it was done by professionals and done right!

I hope this post was informative and helpful! We are very happy to have this boom truck and can’t wait to help our customers! Call us today for a free estimate or to make an appointment! Our lovely customer service staff can help answer any of your questions!