Home electrical work can seem intimidating and confusing, and at times dangerous. Electrical companies can ease stress that often surrounds home projects, whether installing a chandelier or property landscape lighting. When talking with an electrician regarding a service, you should be familiar with terms and phrases that are often used in electrical work. Wiremasters electric has created a reference guide for your convenience to use when discussing your electrical needs with an experienced electrician.

Circuit breaker: this device is designed to open and close a circuit by non automatic means and to open the circuit automatically on a predetermined over current without injury to itself when properly applied within its rating. Circuit breakers can be reset and help to prevent electrical wires from overheating. The breakers are often found mounted to a wall in home basements or closets.

Dead: if an electrician asks if a wire is dead, he or she is questioning whether an electric current is still present. If wiring is dead, it is free from any electric connection to a source of potential difference and from electric charge. The term is used only with reference to current carrying parts that are sometimes alive.

Meter: an electric indicating instrument, such as a voltmeter, ammeter, etc. This is what your electric company reads to know how much energy you’ve used during the month and to calculate your bill.

Output: the current, voltage, power or driving force delivered by a circuit or device is referred to as the output.

Short circuit: a fault in an electric circuit or apparatus that is typically due to imperfect insulation, which causes currents to follow a by-path and inflict damage or is wasted. And yes, short circuit is also the title of a popular sci-fi movie from the mid 1980s.

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