The holiday season is the time of year for decorating, hosting parties and hanging up festive lighting. Whether you think the latter is a challenge or a chore, it’s important to take some time to consider several factors before pulling out the ladder and the lights.

At wiremaster’s electric, we have provided you with a few design and safety tips for hanging christmas lights.


  1. Stick to a color scheme:if you stick to a color scheme, like all white lights or all colored lights, then it will be easier to replace a bulb in the event that one breaks. The color scheme will also create a design that will look more cohesive when lit.
  2. Use led lighting:led lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and emit almost the same incandescent light as traditional holiday lights. The only difference is that you will use far less electricity and sustain a longer bulb life. Consider switching to led lights this year and watch your december electricity bill go down!
  3. Add a control system:consider adding a control system to your light design to automate the on/off functions and the twinkling effects of your lights.


  1. Before you hang your lights, make sure they are ul listed for outdoor use.
    2. Only use three-prong extension cords that are marked “for outdoor use.”
    3. Extension cords should be out of major walkways or paths, and covered with a dedicated cord protector or taped down with waterproof tape.
    4. Use a ground fault circuit interpreter (gfci) outlet as your main power source.
    5. Never connect more than the recommended number of light strings together.
    6. Avoid power lines at all costs.
    7. If you need to use a metal ladder, make sure to secure it with insulated holders and stay away from power lines.
    8. If you plan to string lights from the roof or overhang, make sure to use plastic gutter clips.

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