Miami weather during the summer months often means weather systems that bring thunder and lightning. Avoid accident or injury by following the electrical storm safety tips below:

1. Stay indoors.

The first tip is to stay or move indoors for the duration of the storm. Being inside will protect you from the elements and additional conductors. If you do not have access to a home or building, try to get into a hardtop car or other shelter not in an open area.

2. Stop driving.

If you are driving and there is a safe place to stop, pull over and turn on your emergency flashers. Exit the roadway if possible. Avoid touching metal or surfaces that could conduct electricity inside the vehicle. Do not get out of the vehicle and wait for heavy rain or lightning to pass before continuing. You can still be injured by a lightning strike while inside a vehicle but it’s far safer than being outside.

3. Avoid contact with outlets.

Electricity can travel through the ground and into your home through the wiring or outlets. Power surges from storms can cause damage to both you and your devices if contact is made at the wrong time. Use a surge protector or unplug electrical devices such as phones, computers and toasters to avoid damage to them during a storm and avoid using devices plugged into the wall.

4. Avoid contact with plumbing.

Since plumbing fixtures can conduct electricity and water can carry an electric charge, avoid washing hands, showering or doing dishes during a storm to avoid potential harm.

5. Stay away from concrete walls and floors.

Electricity from lightning and electrical storms can travel through the ground and any wires or rebar hidden in concrete walls and floors. Avoid laying or leaning directly on these structures so that electricity cannot be transferred to you or someone else.

6. Use the 30 – 30 rule.

Count the time between when you see lightning and when you hear thunder, if that time is less than 30 seconds, the storm is within six miles of your location and is still considered a danger. Stay inside. After it seems that the storm is over stay inside for at least another 30 minutes after the last thunder heard to ensure safety.

If an accident or injury happens to you or someone you know, call 911 for medical assistance. For lost power contact your local fpl service provider.

Above all, safety first!

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