The state of florida is known as the sunshine state. Florida, specifically miami, experiences sun 70 percent of the year. Yet many homes and businesses still do not use solar energy to take advantage of all this sunshine. Kent crook, who is commissioner and owner of wiremasters electric, wrote an op-ed titled “demand broader solar energy options” on this topic that was recently published in the miami herald. He articulated what many residents and businesses desire: greater access to affordable solar energy.

New large utility-scale solar projects have been announced by two of florida’s biggest power companies. Private investors are also eager to jump into the state’s solar market. But according to kent, “florida’s distributed (roof top) solar market, which is funded by private investment dollars, is being artificially constrained by unnecessary barriers.” monopoly utilities currently control who benefits from solar power and what they are permitted to use it for. These obstacles stifle innovation, restrict consumer choice, prevent job creation and negatively impact many electrical-related businesses, thus reducing available solar power in miami.

A possible solution

Kent supports a newly launched ballot petition that would give consumers the option to power their homes or businesses with solar power and choose who provides it to them. This petition is not mandatory and will not raise taxes in the least but would simply eliminate the barriers restricting floridians from utilizing solar power while opening up the possibility of a clean and renewable source to power their residences and/or businesses.

The benefits of the solar power choice

Solar power is a great source of energy for consumers in many respects. For instance, solar would enable consumers to contract with solar providers who can offer state-of-the-art financing plans at no upfront cost. Landlords would be able to provide this option to their tenants, and consumers would save money with its fixed rates. Solar energy would increase the resale value on homes, and middle and lower-income consumers would be able to tap into this market. This energy source would reduce traditional energy’s negative health effects and leave a cleaner environment for future generations to enjoy!

Why solar power isn’t available

solar energy is protested against because monopoly power companies make their profits by building new power plants. When a new plant is built, they receive a guaranteed rate of return that is passed on as profits to its shareholders. If consumers are able to access power from solar energy, these monopoly companies will generate less profit.

According to kent, a recent poll suggested that 74 percent of voters support a proposal to change the law and allow floridians to contract directly with solar providers to power their homes or businesses with solar power. For the time being, florida residents are being denied the right to choose this option. However, making this option available will result in a free market and more businesses taking the time to train solar installers and electricians (more well-paid, local jobs that can’t be outsourced) and create more solar power in miami.

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