If you are planning a kitchen remodel, make sure that your plans include upgrades to the electrical system. New appliances and a new kitchen configuration could mean different energy needs that should be taken into consideration from the start of your remodel. We have provided you with a few electrical components that may need your attention while you upgrade your kitchen.

1. Electrical grid

Since newer appliance models use more power, make sure to upgrade your electrical system to at least 100 amps (preferably 150 to 200 amps). Code requires an outlet every six feet, however placing them every four feet can better support multiple appliances, allowing you to avoid stretch power cords.

2. Outlets

If you are looking to add more outlets to the number you already have in your kitchen, you may need to run an additional small appliance circuit to the kitchen. Map out where your appliances are located and how many outlets you will need, so you can discuss your options with your electrician.

3. Circuit breakers

If your home has fuses, consider upgrading to circuit breakers. Breakers can be reset and are better equipped to handle power fluctuations, protecting your home and your appliances against power surges. If you have fuses, be aware that after a fuse blows, it must be replaced.

4. Lighting

Have you always wanted extra lighting under your kitchen cabinets? If you are looking to incorporate task or accent lighting to your kitchen, make sure to review the plans with your electrician to best decide where and how to route the wiring.

Unless you have extensive knowledge regarding electrical work, it’s best to hire a 5-star rated electrician to perform any upgrades to your home’s electrical system. Doing so will secure the safety of your home and family, and ensure that any work will meet the standards of a city electrical inspector.

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