The dangers of improper electrical wiring

Every year, improper, faulty or old electrical wiring causes home fires, leading to billions of dollars in property damage and in some cases, loss of life. In fact, improper electrical wiring and related equipment account for the largest share of home structure is important to be educated on the dangers of improper and old electrical wiring, and the experts at wiremasters are here to help! You should be especially mindful of the wiring in your residence if you live in an older home.

Problematic wiring

There are a few main types of wiring that tend to be the most problematic.they are:

  • Ungrounded wiring: often times this is more problematic in outlets with only two prongs instead of newer ones with three, ungrounded outlets can shock you or worse when the ground wire becomes energized.
  • Cloth cable wiring: before current insulators became the norm, this type of wiring was popular in residential structures and was sheathed in cloth or asbestos.
  • Knob or tube wiring: is at least 65 years old and fails to meet current electrical codes, this type of wiring uses air to dissipate heat, so any contact with home insulation poses a threat of fire.
  • Aluminum wiring: over time, aluminum expands and contracts as it heats and cools, with effects ranging from melted insulation to increased resistance or arcing, which leaves you at risk of shock or worse.

Most of the electrical wiring types discussed above do not meet current electrical codes and are not present in newer homes, but if you believe you may have one of the above types installed in your house, call us and one of our 5-star rated electricians will come by for an inspection.

In newer homes, even wiring that does meet today’s standards can still be especially hazardous if not installed properly. Often times we receive calls from diyers who believe they can handle the full scope of an installation, only to find they’ve gotten in over their heads. If you’ve hired someone to perform an electrical installation, make sure that the electrician handling your installation is 5-star rated and code compliant.

If you are not 100% confident in exactly what needs to be done and how to do it, contact wiremasters at (305) 378-4011, and let one of our 5-star rated experts handle all of your electrical wiring needs and ensure proper installation and code compliance.