The phrase “yard landscape design” typically conjures images of planting perennials, shrubs, fruit trees and perhaps a vegetable or herb garden. Many homeowners, at least initially, fail to incorporate landscape lighting into their designs. But the type and positioning of your outdoor lighting can affect the overall look of your property as much as what species of trees you plant.

Landscape lighting can be as complex or as simple as you desire. When choosing your lighting, there are many attributes you must take into consideration. Based on function, lighting is divided into three categories: overall, task and accent. Overall light projects enough radiance to illuminate an entire space while task lighting highlights a specific purpose, such as a walkway. Accent lighting often utilizes floodlights or spotlights to emphasize a specific feature like an inflatable santa lawn ornament or a beloved rose bush.

After determining what lighting style is preferable, you must decide what type of bulb is best fitted for your budget and lighting project. Led bulbs, although more expensive than other options, have an extremely long life span and consume less energy. Incandescent bulbs use more energy and last for less time but emit a light that many people favor. If you favor incandescent but wish to consume less energy, halogen bulbs are the best option. Fluorescent bulbs are now being produced in a wider color range, have a longer life span and consume less energy.

Do you wish to highlight architectural features or simply illuminate your driveway and walkway? If you are unsure of what lighting design will best suite your landscape, consider consulting with an experience electrician—similar to seeking advice from a veteran gardener for planting information.

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