Summer is the perfect time of year to spend more time outdoors, especially if you plan on doing some projects or repairs around the house. However, before you get ready for your next project, you should keep in mind these several outdoor extension cord safety tips, so that you can avoid an accident involving old or improper use of extension cords.

1. Avoid water exposure

Never run an extension cord through water or snow, and be especially careful when using them around water sources, such as pools, sprinklers or ponds. Since water conducts electricity, an extension cord exposed to water can cause an electric shock, sparks or even a fire.

2. Keep away from high traffic areas

To avoid accidents or injuries, make sure all cords are tucked away from high traffic areas. This includes ensuring that people and animals cannot get entangled in them.

3. Stow them in a cool environment

Extension cords conduct heat as electricity passes through the wires in the center of the cord. To keep them from overheating, make sure they are uncovered, and never run them through walls, ceilings or floors. If a cord feels hot to the touch, unplug it immediately.

4. Do not over extend

Plugging too many devices or appliances into an extension cord can cause complications, which can then lead to overheating or power surges. Make sure to use one extension cord per appliance. Multi-outlet extensions should only be used alone and not in conjunction with another cord.

5. Use it as a temporary fix only

Outdoor extension cords are for temporary use only, and should not be used to replace permanent wiring. If you need a permanent power supply, call an electrician to mount wall outlets on your home’s exterior walls.

6. Check the indoor or outdoor rating

All extension cords are different. Check to make sure that you are using the correct cord by looking at the indoor or outdoor rating. This consists of examining the wattage allotment, length and prongs. Also, always make sure to use a ground three-prong cord for outdoor use.

7. Store them properly

Make sure to store all extension cords properly by coiling or hanging them somewhere indoors. After you store them, check the condition of the cord. If you notice cracks or exposed wires, its time for a new one.

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