The holiday season has arrived! With all the lights and decorations, this time of year requires much more energy than usual. However, your bill doesn’t have to reflect it. There are several ways to save energy during the holidays and wiremasters electric has provided ten tips in order to do so!

1. Decorate your home with led lights

According to a study conducted in 2003 by the u.s. Department of energy, americans consume 2,220 gwh (gigawatt hours) of electricity during the holidays. It found that a 20 percent shift to led lights saved 440 gwh of that electricity.

2. Lower the thermostat

Whether you have a fire burning or you’re in the midst of a holiday party, you should turn the thermostat down in order to conserve energy and reduce the cost of your heating bill.

3. Properly insulate your home

Proper insulation is a great way to slow the rate at which heat and air escape your home. Be sure to conceal any leaks or cracks in your house along with modifying your home with energy efficient windows.

4. Reduce the temperature of your water heater

We recommend keeping your water heater at the warm setting and insulating the water pipes to reduce heat loss between uses.

5. Turn off the lights when you’re not at home or asleep

Ideally, lights should be on no longer than six hours a day, including christmas tree lights and outdoor holiday lights.

6. Carefully plan your shopping trips

To reduce fuel consumption, making one trip, walking to stores or carpooling are great solutions.

7. Burn all-natural man-made logs

Java-logs are the most eco-friendly option when it comes to fireplace logs. They are made entirely out of coffee grounds, are 100 percent natural and their ashes are compostable. Ensure that when you’re not using the fireplace, you close the flue and block the fireplace to prevent heat from escaping.

8. Ignore junk mail

Annually, junk mail accounts for 53 million trees and enough water to fill 81 thousand olympic-sized pools. Try to avoid signing up for catalog mailing lists.

9. Purchase locally

The best way to reduce the use of energy is by purchasing local foods and goods.

10. Properly dispose of your waste

Properly disposing your waste can lead to the use of less energy and reduce unnecessary waste that contributes to landfills, recycling plants and other waste collection centers.

wiremasters electric has been providing electrical services to residents and business owners in south florida for years. Our goal is to operate above industry standards by helping you save energy during the holidays. We want you to make the most out of this time with our holiday light servicesContact us today and make this holiday season an unforgettable one!