As a homeowner you might be more concerned with paying your mortgage or remodeling than worrying about a house fire. However, in 2013, u.s. Fire departments responded to an estimated 1.24 million fires. Of those were home fires resulting in 2,755, or 85%, of the civilian fire deaths. Although you might think your home would never catch fire, accidents do occur.

Working as coral gables electricians, our decades of experience has taught us how to spot signs of electrical hazards surrounding your circuit breaker panel that could cause a fire hazard or result in electrocution:

  • Power outages: the fuses need replacement or circuit breakers need resetting frequently.
  • Overrated panel the electrical panel contains fuses or circuit breakers that can become “overamped” or “overfused.” This means that the fuses are rated at higher currents than the ampacity (current capacity) of their branch circuits.
  • Dim/flickering lights: your home lights may dim or flicker and your television picture lights may shrink often too.
  • Arcs or sparks: a bright light flashes or there is a shower of sparks within your electrical system.
  • Sizzles/buzzes: there are unusual sounds from the electrical system.
  • Overheating: parts of your electrical system like switch plates, wall outlet covers, cords and plugs become warm. These should never be hot or painful to touch and should not be discolored from heat.
  • Appliances: do not use appliances with cords that are too short to reach the wall outlet.
  • Loose plugs: watch for attachment plugs that wobble or easily pull out of a wall outlet.
  • Damaged: keep an eye out for cut, broken or cracked insulation.

If you notice any of the signs listed above, call your local coral gables electricians at wiremasters. To ensure your home’s electrical safety, a qualified electrician or 5-star rated electrical inspector should conduct a safety inspection. If the home’s last electrical inspection was more than 40 years ago, then you should make an appointment with your qualified electrician. Check the door and cover of your electrical panel for a label or tag with a date, signature or details listed to determine the last inspection date. However, do not remove the service panel. Leave that to a professional electrician.

wiremasters electric has been providing residential and commercial electrical services in south florida for years. Our goal is to operate above industry standards and provide quality services to meet your needs and surpass your expectations. Contact us today to find out more information and to set up an appointment.