Energy saving tips

Homeowners are always searching for ways to lower energy bills. One great way to achieve this is by looking into energy conservation. Energy conservation not only saves homeowners money, but also diminishes the need for fossil fuels. This reduction could lead to lower emissions of carbon dioxide, thus lowering your impact on the environment.

At wiremasters electric, we familiarize ourselves with innovative and technological methods to conserve energy and educate our customers about it as well. Below, we have provided the top 10 techniques to conserve energy at home to lower energy bills.

1. Monitor the running of your pool pump

This is especially important for florida homeowners! Limit the time you leave your pool pumprunning. We suggest to let it run four hours a day in the winter and six hours a day in the summer.

2. Increase the temperature to cool your home

Before heading to work, you may wonder what the ideal temperature is to set the thermostat to cool down your home. If you increase the temperature to 78 degrees and switch the thermostat fan to auto, you are sure to see the difference in your next energy bill! For additional savings, you can increase the temperature to 82 degrees.

3. Decrease the temperature to warm your home

Reducing the temperature to a mere 68 degrees or cooler, with the thermostat fan switched to auto, will ensure a warmer house and a less expensive bill. For additional savings, you can lower the temperature to 65 degrees or cooler during the night or when you’re away from home.

4. Reduce your water heater temperature

The u.s. Department of energy recommends to set the temperature to 120 degrees. This will save you at least $2 a month on your bill.

5. Frequently maintain or replace a/c filters

Cleaning and replacing a/c filters is a great way to ensure your air conditioning unit runs smoothly and minimizes cooling costs.

6. Turn off ceiling fans

Turning off ceiling fans while you’re not at home or in the room can save you up to $7 a month on your energy bill.

7. Install water-efficient showerheads

If your shower still has an old, high-flow showerhead, invest in a more water-efficient showerhead. These showerheads have the ability to save you up to $80 a year.

8. Match the water level on your washing machine with the load size

We recommend that you correlate the water level with the size of your load, especially when you’re utilizing the hot water. If you can avoid it, always use a cold rinse to wash your laundry.

9. Clean the lint filter in the dryer

Cleaning the lint filter in the dryer before every load will ultimately dry your laundry faster.

10. Utilize the auto sensor function on your dryer

When drying your clothes, use the auto sensor function. This setting will conserve energy by making sure that you don’t over-dry your laundry.

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