Electric vehicles (ev) only encompass a small portion of total passenger vehicles, however they are starting to grow in popularity. As more patrons purchase these electric vehicles, the more charging stations for commercial facilities, government facilities and residential homes will rise in demand.

For those of you who are curious as to how these cars operate, the electric car charger is located on the vehicle itself. The car runs because the car takes an ac source of juice from your house and converts it into dc, so your car’s battery can be fully charged. In order to charge it in your home, you will need to purchase an ev charger and have an electrician install it.

Wiremasters electric would like for you to consider the following when purchasing an ev charger.

Ev charger cost

The general agreement among experienced ev drivers is that capable and durable evse (electrical vehicle service equipment) will cost around $600 to $700, not including ev charger installation.

Ev charger amperage capacity

We recommend that you purchase an evse that can withhold at least 30 amps. This amount will provide your car with enough energy to travel 30 miles in about an hour. Keep in mind that a 30-amp ev charger will require a circuit breaker valued at 40 amps.

Length of charging cable and ev charger location

Before purchasing an evse, imagine where your electric car will be parked. Then measure the distance between where the evse will be located on your wall and where the charging port is on your car. Cables usually run from approximately 15 to 25 feet, so it’s important to make sure that the cord can easily reach where it needs to go.

Ev charger portability

If you desire the feature of portability for your evse, wiremasters electric can install a nema 14-50 outlet or something similar, and put a matching plug on a pigtail mounted to your evse. As a result, you can mount your evse right next to the outlet and plug it in.

Wiremasters electric is certified for the installation of car charging stations from tesla motors, chevy, cadillac bmw. Not only do we focus on dealerships but also commercial and government facilities and multi-family residential complexes. Our experienced professionals and technicians are prepared to evaluate your ev charging station needs and provide you with a turnkey solution. Contact us today!