Florida summer is not only the beginning of a massive heat wave, but also the start of the rainy season. The rain makes it so tempting to stay indoors, cuddle up and watch a movie. What better way to do that than with your very own flat screen tv?

installing a flat screen tv is a fairly easy task to accomplish. However, there are a few considerations that you need to take into account before doing so. If you need any help with the installation, feel free to contact our miami electricians at wiremasters electric.

1. Set up the wall mount

Setting up the mounting bracket is the first step to installing your flat screen tv. There are three types of brackets to choose from: the flush-mount, tilting and full-motion. The flush-mount is the slimmest bracket; however, it doesn’t allow for movement. The tilting mount allows you to tilt your tv depending on whether you’re sitting or standing up. Lastly, the full-motion bracket tilts down and side to side as well as being able to be pulled out from the wall.

Before you choose the wall mount that’s right for you, you must ensure that it’s compatible with your flat screen tv and that it meets the weight requirements.

2. Find an ideal location

The ideal location for your flat screen tv will be determined by your viewing position. Another aspect that will also make placing your tv much easier is the wall-mount. The wall-mount has to be located in an area with two wall studs or at least in an area with one wall stud and heavy-duty hollow-wall anchors. It’s recommended that you use a stud finder or a nail to find and mark the studs before establishing a final mounting location.

3. Cables and connectivity

Flat screen tvs need a few cables, such as a power cord and a connecting cable from an a/v receiver or an hdmi switcher. In order to hide all the wiring behind the functionality of a tv, all you will need is a switcher or a receiver that permits you to plug multiple devices into one box and an hdmi cable that you will need to connect to the tv.

To conclude this installation, the cables will need to run down into a special receptacle box that is installed in the footprint of the mounting bracket. The cables will then exit out of another receptacle located behind the furniture housing to the other a/v equipment.

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