Upgrades and repairs to your electrical system should generally be left to a professional, unless you understand the basics of electricity and wiring systems. If you don’t, then we highly suggest that you call an electrician to handle your electrical issues, especially in these scenarios that we have outlined below.

Your home is more than 25 years old

If your home is more than 25 years old, then most likely the electrical system has not been modernized to meet the current code that guarantees electrical efficiency and safety. Old homes typically have old or decaying wiring that should be inspected and updated by a professional.

Your lights give you a warm, tingling feeling

If you touch the lights in your home to find that they are warm and give you a tingling sensation, then it could be a clear indication that there is an electrical current being transmitted through the switch. This could be a result of a few issues, so it’s important that you call an electrician immediately to address it.

Your home has cloth-covered wires

Cloth-covered wires are antiquated and can pose a risk if damaged or deteriorated due to age. Call an electrician to update your wiring, if you come across them in your home.

Your home experiences black outs

If your home frequently experiences black outs, call an electrician. Black outs are a result of faulty wiring. They draw out more current than they should, overload the system and cause outages. This is dangerous and can take a toll on your electric bill.

Your home doesn’t have enough outlets

If your outlets are starting to look like an octopus with power strips and multi-receptacle plug-ins, call an electrician to add additional outlets to your home wiring. Too many plugs in one outlet can overdraw the electricity and lead to sparking or power outages.

Surge protectors everywhere

If you own a number of electronics, such as a computer or a sound system, consider having a home surge protector unit installed by an electrician to cover your whole house. This will update your system, protect all your electronics and increase your safety standards.

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