Any home projects dealing with electricity should be approached with caution. For minor repairs, such as replacing a switch-plate, installing a dimmer switch, or adding under-cabinet led lights, you may be able to do minor repairs yourself. However, for larger jobs, a diy fix may not be enough. We have provided you with a list of five electrical jobs that you should leave to a professional.

1. Repairing or replacing a circuit breaker

Electrical overloads are extremely dangerous and can cause shortages, or even a fire, if the circuit breaker isn’t properly wired or installed. If you are considering repairing or replacing a circuit breaker, call a professional. The amount of electrical energy in a main panel should be left to an experienced electrician who is trained to design circuits correctly with the appropriate breakers.

2. Changing a wall outlet

While replacing a power outlet in your home can seem like a fairly simple process, it can also be considered a dangerous one if you’re not well-versed in electrical work. If you are in need of a grounded outlet with a gfci switch, then we recommend hiring a 5-star rated electrician to install it. A professional will be able to create a true-grounded path and make sure it’s installed correctly.

3. Linking new construction to a power source

Power companies have certain rules and regulations regarding linking new construction to preexisting wiring. Oftentimes, these restrictions stem from a concern for their staff and equipment. Using a 5-star rated electrician from the start will ensure that connecting any structural addition to your home will go smoothly.

4. Replacing old wiring

Since building codes change regularly, it’s best to have an electrician update, change or replace any old wiring to ensure that you do not incur a code violation. Keep in mind that insurance companies may refuse policies or to pay for claims due to faulty wiring installed by an unlicensed electrician or homeowner.

5. Taking on an electrical job that needs a permit or building code

In the case of an electrical job that requires a permit or building code, it’s pertinent that you call an electrician. If you don’t, you may have to face the possibility of being fined hundreds of dollars for safety and code violations.

Faulty electrical wiring, according to the consumer products safety commission, causes at least 18,000 home fires a year. Avoid becoming a statistic and know when to call a professional.

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