Interested in hurricane generator installation for your miami home? In areas like ours, where the weather can get out of hand quickly, and electricity isn’t always guaranteed to be readily available, a backup plan is necessary.  When you look into generators,there are a number of options to choose from! Do you want a standby generator, a manual transfer generator; what size do you need? It can get pretty confusing!

Our miami electricians have all of the necessary skill and expertise needed to ensure you get a hurricane generator installation that is sure to have you covered in your time of need!

The benefits of a perfect generator installation

When you have a generator that suits your home perfectly, you can expect:

  • Assurance. So much of our homes now depend on electricity, that when you go without it for a day, or a few days (which is not unheard of in our area) you can expect to lose a lot. Food can perish, our homes can become too cold or hot, depending on the season, and even worse, our lives practically screech to a halt. You can’t really do much of anything without power. A generator can ensure these problems never even so much as touch you.
  • Safety. A sudden loss of power exposes your home to numerous dangers, both for, itself and from outside influence. A backup generator installation reduces this problem entirely!
  • Reduced costs. A hurricane generator is a large investment. But despite this, even a single use of it can mitigate the cost handily. Between spoiled food, hotel costs (for extended outages), frozen pipes and other types of home damage that can come with an outage, a generator is a large, but great investment.

Which generator is right for your home?


There are essentially two types of generator: manual transfer and standby. Which one you choose is partially up to you, but there are some specific aspects of each you’ll want to consider before choosing:

  • Manual transfer generators. A manual transfer works by way of a lever installed near your main panel. In the event of a hurricane, or even before one, you can choose to flip the switch to transfer your supply from the grid to the generator, which will begin to supply your home. This is a good choice because you can be pickier about what your generator supplies power to, reducing its effective load and extending the amount of time you can expect the generator to run on less fuel. Manual transfers are safer for your home electronics as well. However, the caveat is you personally have to judge that there’s an extended outage, then make the long dark trip to the switch and operate it. All in the dark.
  • Automatic standby. Automatic standby generators are often beefier, able to handle larger loads. The main benefit is that a standby generator is smart, accurately deducing a prolonged blackout, then switching to your supply to the generator. When grid power is restored, the standby will return power to normal. Standbys are accurate and effective, and generally much simpler.
  • Size. When choosing the size of your hurricane generator, it’s honestly best to trust your supplier and installation service. Knowing the wattage your home needs, deducing the overall requirements and the size of generator needed is part of our job!

Miami hurricane generator installation with wiremasters electric

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